SAFA Programs

Career Seminar

Dr. Abdusalam Muhammed, former ISRO Scientist from Markaz knowledge city has come to conduct a Seminar for the XI-XII students on 21st June 2019, Friday. A team of doctors also arrived. The President of Manshau was honored on that day.

Excellency Square

Club and activities inspire the students to modify their innate qualities. Different clubs are inaugurated by Mr. Faisal Ahsani Ulyyil-Asst. Professor Keyi Sahib Training College, Karimbam.

Investiture Ceremony

It was a memorable event that the Council members of our school, the torch bearers of future were being taken these duties

Let this actions become a legacy to inspire, do more, act more, become more.

School investiture ceremony was held on 31st August by Mr. K Mohammed Ali, the Mattool Panchayath President.

Annual Athletic Meet Report

Sports and Games plays a vital role in the development of mental strength, strong-physique, team spirit, will power, sportsmanship among students.

Annual Sport meet was held on 10th November. It was inaugurated by Mr. K Bineesh (Vice-captain in 2004, Kerala Team) confederation coach license quencher.  Ibn Battuta house got the overall champions trophy, Ibn Sina got the runners up trophy.  The school sports council headed by Mr. Shahid TP led the total programmes in to great success.

1st and 2nd sports meet was inaugurated by KV Muhammed Ali the mattool Punchayath President on 19th Januray 2019.  II – A Class was the overall champion.  II – E and II – D became runner up and second runner up.


Talen Hunt

To give an exposure to the students innate talents school conduct talent hunt monthly.  Total programmes are being planned, executed by the students themselves.

Safa Premier League

Game and sports are integral part of our students’ physical, mental, emotional growth.  School has taken initiation to conduct Safa Premier League Football match to the students from 6th to 12th std.

Remedial Class

Students who deserve more attention have been specially eared with extra class and additional coaching on all war kind with follow up actions.  Parents of such students are being called in school hours to discuss the improvement.

Week Celebration

An innovative change was brought to the school by celebration week.  Different qualities values have been selected for celebration.  Respect week celebration was the best one in the campus.  Students selected preparing cards, conducting, national anthem contest, making prophets words.  A grand rally was conducted by IX – B Boys and extempore contest was conducted for IX – A and B girls.

Cleanliness Week

Every nook and hook of the school was cleaned by the students.  And our senior secondary students cleaned the premises of Ayurvedic Hospital, Mattool and the school ground.

Herbal Garnden

Herbal plants play a major roll in almost all the school campuses.  Our school Hindi HOD took initiation to move a new step to plant herbal plants in our school.